What is Inspecta-Plumb? 

Inspecta-Plumb is a low-cost, monthly inspection plan designed to reduce the costs normally associated with reactive plumbing repairs.

Benefits of entering an Inspecta-Plumb contract.

• Affordable monthly inspection fee with zero hidden costs.

• Proactive plumbing maintenance has proven to reduce annual plumbing repair costs by up to 25%.

• All monthly inspections are carried out by qualified, credible consultants; this means sound advice for a quarter of the price.

• All repairs are quoted for before repairs are carried out - great for budget purposes.

• Easy to read, simple to understand reports and quotations submitted on a monthly basis.

• Quarterly expenditure reports submitted - know where your money is being spent.

• Guaranteed workmanship. 

• Build a trusting relationship with your plumbing service provider, ensuring priority service and peace of mind.



Book an appointment via the website, WhatsApp or phone call. An inspector will require a few minutes of your time to meet and assess your requirements. A monthly inspection fee will be calculated based on the quantity of plumbing points within your property.


On approval of the Inspecta-Plumb monthly fee, a simple service level agreement (SLA) is entered into and a monthly debit order is set up. All we require is the cost of the first inspection fee upfront, and you only start paying from your third inspection - get 12 inspections, but only pay for 11. The SLA is a month-to-month contract, with no hidden terms and conditions.


One of our qualified and trained plumbing inspectors will visit your establishment/property within 3 working days to carry out an initial audit and primary inspection of your plumbing system and sanitaryware points. During this initial audit, a tailor-made inspection checklist will be drafted and used for inspections in the months that follow. Your detailed report will then be sent to you via email, within 2 working days, along with a quotation for the repair of your plumbing system, should repairs be required.


How often will you inspect my plumbing systems and when?
An inspector will inspect your property every month at a time that is suitable to you. Inspections are, however, only carried out Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4pm.

Will I save money and how?
The Inspecta-Plumb preventative maintenance plan will create a saving of an estimated 25% within the first six months, by “catching small problems” before they become “big problems”... kind of like replacing your car’s brake pads before they wear down and cause you to replace your car’s entire braking system.

How long does an inspection take?
The length of an inspection depends on the size of your property and plumbing system. Our experience shows that a restaurant or similar type of establishment takes around 30 minutes to inspect.

What qualifications do your inspectors have?
All Inspecta-Plumb inspectors are qualified plumbers who are PIRB registered and have a minimum of 10 years' working experience in the plumbing maintenance field.

Who will carry out the plumbing repair work required as per the Inspecta-Plumb report?

Inspecta-Plumb is one of BrightServe's valued-added services, therefore all plumbing repair works will be carried out by BrightServe's plumbing technicians.

Is all workmanship guaranteed by BrightServe?
BrghtServe offers a 2-year guarantee on all workmanship.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Inspecta-Plumb's monthly fee is payable via debit order. Work carried out on a monthly basis is COD and can be paid using the various payment gateways, such as SnapScan, I-Pay, walletdoc and EFT.

Do I qualify for discounted rates?
Yes. By entering into an Inspecta-Plumb contract, you will qualify for reduced rates.